“The Art of Food”

Great food is a dining experience that indulges the senses.  Admire the visual artistry of our exquisitely crafted sushi rolls and Asian entrees.  Taste the perfect combination of carefully chosen food expertly seasoned and prepared by Master Chef Kenny Vo.  Be pampered by our courteous and prompt wait staff.  Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our elegant restaurant where where you lose track of time savoring our culinary chefs-d'oeuvres.  Dine with us for a special occasion – a birthday, an anniversary, a party – or just to indulge yourself eating the finest sushi and Asian cuisine in Tulsa.  Once you do, you’ll understand when we say “The Art of Food”.

The art of food

10846 South Memorial Drive , #117 Tulsa, OK 74133

(918) 943-6156 * geishasushibar@yahoo.com